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Are We The Right Practice For You?


  • Appointments available for medication management and psychotherapy in a welcoming and comfortable office space. Virtual visits are also an option.

  • We are an Out Of Network practice. We DO NOT ACCEPT insurance, allowing us to provide a highly personalized, more confidential and therapeutic experience, without the limitations imposed by insurance companies.  Please review our Services and Fee page for more details. We accept FSA/ HSA cards.

  • We have experience treating a wide array of psychiatric illnesses, but there are some illnesses that may require referrals to other physicians or therapists in the area.


  • We Do Not Treat:                                Active Substance Abuse including alcohol, opiates, benzodiazepines, designer drugs, etc., Dementia or provide Couples/ Family therapy 

  • We reserve your appointment via a credit card/ Debit card/ FSA or HSA card, that we keep on file. 

  • The practice is  located in an office that has one flight of stairs and no available elevator. Please ask in advance, for accessibility accommodations if needed.

  • We do not complete disability paperwork or FMLA paperwork during an initial visit. 

If you think that we are the right practice for you and you are ready to take the next step.

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