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GRAY MD PSYCHIATRY, LLC is an out of network practice, which means that we do not accept or bill insurance. You must pay via credit card, HSA card or debit card for services. If you have out of network benefits, a detailed receipt will be provided if you choose to submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement. Check with your insurance company regarding out of network benefits for psychiatric services.

 Clinical Service                            Duration              Self Pay Cost
 (Updated 01/31/2022)
Initial Psychiatric Evaluation             75 minutes                $425
(Comprehensive history, 
assessment and personalized
treatment plan)
Medication Management               30 minutes                $175
        with brief therapy
Medication Management
      with intensive therapy              60 minutes                 $225

Psychotherapy                              60 minutes                 $200

Telepsychiatry (video visits)            (Same prices as above)  

Phone Calls                                 15 minutes or Less        No Charge
                                                 Greater than 15 minutes   $75/15 mins.
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