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March 2022:   COVID-19 UPDATE 

We have returned to in person visits for all patients who are vaccinated and

wearing a mask. Telehealth visits will remain an option for all patients. 

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Welcome to Gray MD Psychiatry, where we believe in compassionate and high quality mental health treatment for patients from all walks of life. This is a psychiatrist led practice that places value on personalized care, respectful of your individuality and confidentiality. We will work together to help you achieve optimal mental well being and to help you reach your own unique life goals. Please get to know us better by reviewing our website and read the "schedule appointment" page, if you decide to move forward.

Rashida Gray MD


Gray MD Psychiatry Believes In Quality and Convenience

  • Flexible Scheduling

  • Telepsychiatry 

  • No long waits for appointments

  • No 15 minute med checks



"Just when the caterpillar thought her

world was ending, she became a butterfly."

--Barbara Howett


5318 Patterson Ave  Ste. E Richmond, VA 23226

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